Are you DONE?


I don't know about you, but I'm done waiting around, done reading all the bad news and not doing anything about it, done clinging on to hope and have faith that someone else will figure it out. We don't have time for this anymore - we gotta get to action. So join me in my global community of committed changemakers, welcome to the #ActionSquad!

Because yes, the future of our environment looks BAD and recent reports show that we have give or take ten years before the global warming situation will be completely out of hand. TEN YEARS?! However, other studies also show that we have the knowledge, science and technology to, not just stop global warming, but to actually reverse it. Like hey, things can get better in the future, so what are we waiting for?

School kids are protesting all over the world and we owe it to the younger generations to do something while we still had time. So that’s my plan here, we’re gonna DO something! Together we will stay informed, learn what there is to do, and hold each other accountable as we go out there and actually do it.

How will it work?

I can’t do this by myself and that is why I’ve created a community, a place where we can all take part and help out. I need your help to figure out where the action is needed, how to do it, and then we will then share that with everyone in this place. How much time you put into this is up to you, but I hope you’re in it for the action. Because oh dear does it feel good to do good!

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No worries, I neither do I, which is why we will FIND the time! And to help you stay committed I’m encouraging you to pick a person that you will do this with. By picking a person, you will hold each other accountable and together, getting to action will be so much fun!

So, as part of the entry point here, #PickYourPerson ! And I would LOVE to see teams of Action Squad members using this hashtag, so please tag me - @AnneThereseBengtsson if you do!